Customer Information

Please read the following conditions of purchasing thoroughly before placing your order:
Ordering and Delivery
By ordering from Magenta Webshop every customer claims to accept this present Terms and Conditions of Purchasing and to be aware of the course of ordering.
After ordering from Magenta Webshop (ordering the products put in the basket) our system sends you an e-mail automatically.
In case of ordering the products in the basket, please give us:
- The name of Buyer
- Shipping and invoicing address (zip code, city/town, street, number)
- Way of payment (cash on delivery, bank transfer)
- Active phone number
Our system sends you three letters during ordering and purchasing:
After all incoming basket-orders our system sends an automatic confirmation on the acceptance of the order, by which we verify to our customers that our system has received and stores the order.
This message arrives to the customer’s electronic mailbox after every order, regardless of the availability of goods. (letter no.1)
In 1 or 2 days after receiving the order we send an electronic confirmation to our costumers if the products they ordered are in stock and if we can fully provide them the ordered goods. When placing the order we ask our customers to choose how we should proceed with the order in case there are any missing products. We also send our bank account number in the same letter to our customers choosing payment by bank transfer. (letter no.2)
Finally we send information on having posted the products and the delivery time as well. The customers paying by bank transfer in advance will get this letter after the purchase price is credited on our bank account. (letter no.3)
How to get our Regular Customer Card
To those customers who purchase goods for more than 40.000.- HUF at a time, we give a 10% discount from all of their future orders.(After activating the discount – given by the system automatically – the „Regular Customer Price” applies.) We activate this discount from the next order on, therefore the registrated regular customer gets the products in the basket already on the discounted price.
This virtual Regular Customer Card is valid for one year (or until withdrawal)! After a year’s time it can be re-activated with the above conditions. The 10% discount does not apply to the products already on discounted prices, these can be purchased for the given discounted price by all our customers.
Average delivery time: 1-3 working days after ordering *
* The above delivery time applies to clothings. In case of other product types we inform you on the actual delivery date on the phone or by e-mail.
Magenta Webshop online shop delivers the ordered goods by the Hungarian Post or GLS courrier service to our customers within the territory of Hungary. At an unsuccessful delivery the postman leaves a notice and tries to deliver the parcel at a later time. If you still cannot take the parcel then, it is taken to the local office of the Hungarian Post for another 5 days during which you can take it over. After 5 days it is returned to sender. We inform our customers about the returned parcel on the phone or by e-mail and they can ask us to resend the products, knowing that the costs of returning and resending the parcel is debited on them.
When shipping by courrier service, after one unsuccesful delivery the courrier tries to deliver the parcel once more.
Shipment to abroad is possible after collation in advance, for an individual price.
Our customers can ask us to deliver either to their homes or workplaces. In case of delivering to your workplace, please indicate the name of the company, room number, etc., to make the delivery more flexible.
Price of Delivery
We indicate the price of delivery next to all our products, which can modify when ordering more than one product (at a time) of which we send a confirmation to the customer’s e-mail address (letter no.1).
In case of orders for more than 25.000.- HUF (at advance payment only) we take over the price of delivery!
If you have any further questions regarding delivery, please send it to our e-mail address:
Information on Data Protection
Personal data of the registrated visitors and customers is used according to the operative regulation of the Data Protection Act. All participants have the right to reach, correct or delete any or even all the information given about themselves.
Magenta Webshop stores the data of its customers to execute the contract and to prove the conditions of the contract subsequently, which data are not available to any third party.
Data Protection

We assure you that we only store your personal data to subscribe you to our newsletter or to accomplish purchasing, to fulfill the contract of purchasing and to prove the implementation of the previous. We keep all the data given by you confidential, do not give to any third party unless it is a subcontractor of CHRISTON Kft. co-operating in accomplishing purchasing, in fulfilling the contract of purchasing. In this case the subcontractors do not store and keep the customers’ data in any format and cannot hand them over to any further persona.
By giving your data you give your consent to our company to manage these in our own database. Our company does not sell, lease or hire your data to any other companies or organizations. Your data are only available to our company and our business partners, who also keep themselves to our data protection principles. Some parts of our website are only available for those who are entitled after giving us their user names and belonging passwords. Our company is committed to protect the information on our clients. To prevent unauthorized access and disclosure, to assure accuracy of data and to use them in the most appropriate way we guard the information collected online with a proper physical, electronic and technical methods.
In case you authentically signify it on any of our attainabilities, we immediately delete your data, except for the customer information we are obliged to keep according to the laws of the Taxation Authority and those of the Corporate Law. We manage your data corresponding to the Data Protection Act.

Legal Information


All written material and pictures seen on our website are copyrighted and can only be copied with the written authorization of CHRISTON Kft. The electronic storage, processing and usage of the website for business purposes is prohibited.
It is prohibited to create any connection (link) to this website without the prior written authorization of CHRISTON Kft.
We do not take any responsibility for typing and other mistakes incidentally occurring.
We cannot guarantee accuracy or fullness regarding information, texts, graphics, links or any other material that is to be found on the website. CHRISTON Kft. cannot be made responsible for any special, indirect, unforeseen damages or any other of those caused by the usage of products. Information found on the pages of the website can change without any particular notice or their service can even be terminated.
As far as we know not any of the links you can find on the website points to illegal contents or those breaching copyright or any law.

All pictures and descriptions found on the website pages of MAGENTA WEBSHOP is the property of MAGENTA Company and Christon Kft., therefore copying, saving and using them on any other website is STRICTLY PROHIBITED! Recognizing such will imply criminal accusation!
We reserve the right to change prices of products and delivery, we do not take responsibility for the incidental typing mistakes, for which we apologize beforehand.
How to Use our Webshop
We intended to build up our webshop with services and options to make it the easiest possible for you to find and purchase the required product. The functions of the webshop are adjusted primarily to the needs emerging during personal buying, additionally we tried to help your purchasing with further ideas. To assist in choosing the most suitable product we wish to give you as many suggestions and information as possible concerning the selected item.
You can browse our products on our website without placing an order as well. In such a case you do not have to give us your data. To have a look at products we have created a multi-level menu structure. The links on the left help you to select the items according to brands. While the links on the right help you to choose amongst product-groups. When clicking on one of the product-groups, you will find a detailed list of items. Here you can choose from our products and get to the detailed information pages of the item, on which you will find pictures and thorough description as well. At the bottom of the page you can see the price and here you can put the item to the basket.
If you wish to have a look at any other products, you can browse forth by using the buttons found on every page of our webshop.
Possibilities for Searching
Searching possibilities are the same as browsing possibilities, completed by a quick-search function in the top right corner of the webpage. Here you can search by head word, too.
A valid order can be placed only after registration and by giving us your delivery and invoicing data. During registration the data sheet has to be filled out as appropriate. Certainly there is an option to indicate different delivery and invoicing addresses, this way you can even send a present from our webshop (in this case – for now – we can only fulfill the order with advance payment). You can put the required items into the basket before or after registration. Here you can choose the way of payment and delivery. After providing us the delivery address, the software of the webshop counts automatically the delivery fee to be paid and at the same time the full buying price (increased with delivery fee).
Content of Basket
We can store the items put in the basket for half an hour, while for other visitors the sign „Temporarily reserved” will show instead of the sign of the basket as well as the expiry of the reservation. If the item in the basket is not purchased, then after the expiry of reservation it is deleted from the basket and becomes available for others as well.

Warranty /Guarantee /Exchange
The question of warranty is one of the cardinal points of every purchasing. In case of purchasing on the Internet it seems even more sensitive, but it is not. The management of guarantee problems is just as fluent as in the case of physical buying.
One of the bases of MAGENTA WEBSHOP’s business policies is to solely distribute high quality, original products from trustworthy producers!
Naturally problems can occur even in case of the best quality products. In situations like these our company pursues to solve the problem in a fast and professional way, certainly corresponding to the laws in force, of which you can get information below.
Besides every product you will find the official VAT invoice in the parcel with the date of purchasing, the tax identification number, the data and address of our company.
If you happen to experience any anomaly during usage, please inform us immediately by e-mail ( or on the phone at 06-24-447-247 landline phone.
Please send us the defective item by post (in a plain parcel) with the cash invoice to our shop: Avantgard Fashion, 2310 Szigetszentmiklós, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky u. 22.

- In case we find your complaint justifiable, we will pay the cost of postage for you and will act as follows.
Basically there can be two types of problems in regards to the product sent back:

1. Repairable Defect
In such a case we repair the product in our specialist workshop and send it back to you at our own cost as soon as possible.
2. Not Repairable Defect
In such a case we exchange the defective product or refund its price.
Our customers can decide which solution is more favourable for them.
- In cases that cannot be decided clearly or that are contentious or when there is a suspicion of intentional abuse, the product in question – according to the law in force, at the request of the customer – is sent to an independent laboratory test, where an expertise is made about it. All further arrangements are dependent on the statements of the expertise.
MAGENTA WEBSHOP gives a warranty on all its distributed products for a half a year.
The legal regulation on complaints in force related to the products distributed by our company is the following:
GKM Decree no. 49/2003. (VII. 30.)
on the management of warranty and indemnity needs validated in the consumer contract
According to the authoriztaion of § 22. of decree with the power of law no. 2. of year 1978. on entering into force and implementation of act no. IV of year 1977. about the modification and the unified text of the Civil Code – in agreement with the minister of justice - I decree the following:

1. § For the defective fulfillment of the consumer contract (act IV. of year 1959. about the Civil Code of the Republic of Hungary, hereinafter: point e) of § 685. of the Civil Code) or during the management of complaint enforced in the framework of warranty based on law one has to process according to the regulations of this decree, discrepancy from these to the disadvantage of consumer is not allowed.
2. § In case the consumer wishes to enforce a warranty claim towards the ditributor providing services that are the subject of the consumer contract (hereinafter referred to as: distributor), the signing of the consumer contract must be considered proven if the consumer presents the certificate justifying the payment of the quid pro quo.
3. § (1) Distributer must make a record of the complaint of consumer in which he records:
a) the name and address of consumer,
b) the name and purchase price of the consumer goods (later referred to as: product),
c) the time of purchasing,
d) the time of reporting the defect,
e) the description of the defect,
f) the claim that the consumer wishes to enforce,
g) the way of managing the complaint.
(2) If the way of managing the complaint differs from the consumer’s claim, its justification must be written in the record.
(3) The copy of the record must be handed over to the consumer.
(4) In case distributer cannot make a statement on the possible fulfillment of the consumer’s claim when receiving notification on it, he must inform consumer of his standpoint the latest in three working days.
4. § (1) Distributer must inform consumer that the reparation or exchange according to section (2) of § 306. of the Civil Code – considering the attributions of the product and its function expected by consumer – must be completed within appropriate terms and without causing a remarkable inconvenience to consumer.
(2) Distributor must pursue to complete reparation or exchange at most in fifteen days.
5. § The takeover of product to be repaired must be followed by giving a quittance. On the quittance it is requisite to indicate the name and address of consumer, the data necessary to identify the product, the time of taking over the product and the time when consumer can take over the repaired product.
6. § In case of violation of the regulations of the decree the consumer protection authority will proceed according to the rules defined in act CLV. of year 1997. The regulations in the decree in application of act CLV. of year 1997. on consumer protection are reguations about consumer protection.
7. § (1) This decree is entered into force on 1st September, 2003.
In case of questions of interpretation regarding the above decree the Hungarian version is the authoritative.

Withdrawal / Possibility to Exchange:
If any of the ordered item did not fit you or you did not like it, you can certainly send it back to our address (Avantgard Fashion, 2310 Szigetszentmiklós, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky u. 22. ) in a plain parcel or as a registered letter.
We do not take over parcels sent with Cash on Delivery!
This mailing cost has to be paid by our customers, since we only pay for such if a defective quality product was delivered by chance. We can only take back goods in unworn condition, with coded price tag provided by us and with the original invoice attached.
We kindly ask our customers to inform our customer service by e-mail at the e-mail address seen above before sending the product back, we can only take the parcel over in this case!
The law on practicing the right for withdrawal from placed orders is contained in government regulation no. 17/1999. (II.5).

According to government regulation no. 17/1999. (II. 5.) the customer can withdraw from purchasing without justification in 8 working days after receipt of goods.

The date of receipt is the date of taking over the ordered goods in the shop in case of „receipt in the shop” and in case of „delivery” it is the date of receipt from the courrier, postman or at the post office.

The intact product should be sent to our shop with the invoice at the customer’s own cost and in not more than 30 days we refund the purchase price of the items sent back or according to the needs we allow an exchange purchase or an exchange of the goods.

The above refund does not apply to the mailing cost.

In case of withdrawal Christon Kft. is allowed to claim compensation from the customer for the damages caused by the improper use of the product.